Rocket is a multi-asset fund with a strong focus on alternative investments such as commercial and residential properties in addition to equities, bonds, cash and startups.  Our multi-asset strategies offer high degree of diversification to help cushion occasional shocks that come with investing in a single asset class.


Our investment objective is to unlock value for you.  We seek long-term capital appreciation through a strategic, multi-asset investment, designed to capture the return and diversification of a dynamically adjusted asset allocation.

Capital Markets

Rocket’s Capital Market portfolios invests primarily in LatAm Corporate and Government Bonds, selected LatAm and Global ETFs, and small percentage in Derivatives, in order to mitigate currency and volatility risk. This portfolio has minimum of 60% of the assets in USD and the rest in local currencies.

The corporate bottom-up investment strategy is based on the careful selection of preeminent corporations with low credit risk, predominantly operating in the Banking, Technology, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications sector.

The other segment of this portfolio is Government bonds, which is mainly comprised of the key emerging market economies.

We leverage our tailored industry experience and global network, working along with research advisors from top tier banks. This is essential in order to gain enhanced market intelligence and advice, structuring an in-depth insight into the companies we invest in along with the Emerging Market micro & macroeconomics and the impact of the current political climate.


Alternative Investments

Rocket’s Alternative Investment portfolios comprise of Equity, Debt, and Hybrid investments with a tenor of over two years. Each portfolio has a global investment trajectory including properties such as apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and coworking places. Revenues are generated primarily from leases and the final property sell-out.

Responsible Investing, Principle Protection, thorough Due Diligence, and seamless execution are the four core principles that pave the solid assessment and selection of our Real Estate investments. We strategically acquire readily marketable equity securities of companies whose principal activities include management, development, construction, ownership or sale of residential or commercial real estate.   This allows us to obtain a favourable long-term return horizon for our clients through both capital appreciation and current income.

We harness our structured processes and expertise, along with comprehensive analysis of the financial, legal and operational state of every investment opportunity in order to minimize volatility and verify every aspect of the true financial picture.


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