Rocket Multi-Asset Fund comprises extensive global expertise and high degree of diversification tailored to your own investment goals.


Tap into a growing portfolio of attractive real estate opportunities, innovative technologies and comprehensive Capital Market.

Responsible Investing

Our long-term approach to investment has adopted stewardship as an integral and fundamental component in terms of both opportunity and risk.

Global Reach & Network

Our strategically curated international network of investment prospects offers diversification and expansion beyond the traditional markets and borders.

Our mission

At Rocket Investments Fund we believe that responsible investing is fundamental to fulfilling our environmental, social and governance duty.

We measure success not only through quantifiable financial return of our investments, but also with their ethical impact and value to communities.  We conduct our business with a stern focus on economic sustainability, connecting to technology and innovation that empower it.

Capital Appreciation

At Rocket Investments Fund we seek long-term capital appreciation through strategic multi-asset fund providing exposure to a broad mix of investments designed for different goals and attitudes to risk.

Thorough Due Diligence

We believe comprehensive analysis of the financial, legal and operational state of every investment opportunity is a crucial piece of the success puzzle of every venture, in order to minimize risk and verify every aspect of the true financial picture.

Over 40 Years of Collective Experience

With decades of collective experience in executive financial positions along with growing international network, we diligently source market opportunities that will provide secure and diverse multi-asset investment.



With a long-term track record and know-how in Global Markets we comprise a curated international network of smart investment opportunities within technology, innovation, real estate and financial assets.



Our portfolio comprises varied investments in Emerging Market Latin America, Capital Market, Derivatives Market and a diversified pool of international real estate investments designed to capture attractive returns.



Want to expand your investment horizon, capturing durable international prospects? Our personal approach provides curated solution, tailored to your investments goals.


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